In partnership with Seavuria.org, Seavuria For Teachers is a categorized database of web-based resources such as video lectures, student inter-actives and content-based games that are intended to aid teachers in their math and science pedagogy and aid students in their understanding of challenging concepts.  Currently, teachers can find valuable online tools to support student learning in the disciplines of Math, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.

In alignment with the mission of Seavuria, the Seavuria for Teachers site has been predominately designed with our Kenyan partnership in mind. Categorization and topics are aligned with the shared syllabi of our partner teachers in Kenya, and emphasize the specific content needs of their students.

If you would like to learn more about the projects and contribute to the positive impact that Seavuria is making in Kenyan schools, please check out http://www.seavuria.org and make a donation to our work!

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