The Biodiversity Project

In this collaborative bird-focused project, developed by Rima Givot of Sisters High School and adapted for use in our Kenyan schools, students will learn to ID the most common local birds in their region and in small groups pose questions/hypotheses comparing adaptations of birds in specific habitat types or feeding niches. Through observing and recording data, as well as reading background information and conducting data analysis, students will address the driving question: “What adaptations (morphological, behavioral, physiological) make birds successful in their niche or habitat? How can they coexist and not out-compete other birds/animals?”  The answer to their question/hypothesis and their findings are addressed in a formal presentation.

The goal of the project is practice of the scientific method through conducting authentic practical field research and connecting what is learned in the investigation to larger concepts in ecology, genetics, evolution and sustainability.

For Teachers, we have now created a SeaVuria Biodiversity Project Curriculum Page that outlines the Big Ideas of The Biodiversity Project and provides sequential lesson plans for use in your classroom! Take a look at our project page HERE.

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