The Sustainability Project

In the face of climate change, overflowing landfills, water shortages, and exploitation of natural resources, it is becoming increasingly important to act in responsible and sustainable ways. Environmental sustainability is the intersection of social, economic and environmental solutions to address issues threatening the world we live in. Too often in our society, sustainability is not prioritized and becomes an afterthought. In this case study, we challenge students to explore ways to make our world more sustainable, bringing these important issues into the consciousness of the next generation.

In this case study, developed by undergraduate students of the UMass Amherst iCons program, students can choose the topic they wish to study and do original research. Students will then communicate their original conclusions outside the classroom. By creating their own research and having a product leave the classroom, students will be invested in their work and feel like they are contributing to the global conversation about sustainability

For Teachers, we have now created a SeaVuria Sustainability Project Curriculum Page that outlines the Big Ideas of The Sustainability Project and provides sequential lesson plans for use in your classroom! Take a look at our project page HERE.

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