The Water Project



In 2012, SeaVuria brought 8 Seattle schools together with 8 schools in Taita Taveta, Kenya to participate in The Water Project, a project that challenges students to investigate global questions such as:

“Why is water so important?”
“What are the major issues surrounding water in the world?”
“How do we get clean water?”
“Who has the right to clean water?”
“What can I do to make a positive impact on the water issues I learn about?”


Science teachers from Seattle and Kenya collaborated in March of 2012 to develop lessons that foster student inquiry into these global questions. Together they designed a curriculum that provides students with the underpinnings of scientific knowledge while maintaining common core high school standards. Students in both regions conduct investigations across disciplines to understand social and political issues impacted by water, as well as the natural ecology, science and technology that are fundamental to the availability of clean water. Together, Kenyan and Seattle students are challenged to execute a “Call to Action”, encouraging communities to contribute to clean water campaigns for the good of the future.

To see more about The SeaVuria Water Project, check out our video HERE.

For Teachers, we have now created a SeaVuria Water Project Curriculum Page that outlines the 7 Big Ideas of The Water Project and provides sequential lesson plans for use in your classroom!  Take a look at our project page HERE.

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