The Malaria Project

The Malaria Project has been developed to provide secondary teachers with an introductory package of lesson plans about malaria. Malaria is a significant health and development concern facing millions of people — it is the largest cause of child mortality in Africa and its control and prevention are part of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

Controlling malaria is a critical key to breaking the cycle of poverty in developing countries. Malaria is increasing largely as a result of environmental degradation and change, but is preventable and treatable.

As a critical global issue with curriculum links to environmental and world studies and science, malaria deserves some time and attention in the classroom. The purpose of this project is to help students develop an understanding of both the science of malaria infection and the socio economic impacts the disease has worldwide.

For Teachers, we have now created a SeaVuria Malaria Project Curriculum Page that outlines the Big Ideas of The Malaria Project and provides sequential lesson plans for use in your classroom! Take a look at our project page HERE.

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